Youandmefotografie and Noa in Israel

Words can’t describe what these pictures mean to me.

Faran of asked me if I was interested sending her pieces of jewellery for a photoshooting in Israel. I was on fire, and thinking about how the jewellery for this shooting could look like I ended up crafting with very light materials. I decided to choose Howlith, a rare mineral, with the characteristics to support your feelings of being grounded.

Faran, travelling to Israel, returns to her roots. The landscape pictured was the desert she grew up, and she knows Noa since she was born. With babysitting her, the stories of these two women are linked.

For capturing the beauty of the landscapes, that I wasn’t able to see with my own eyes, yet, I decided to use my imagination and crafted with materials from Gold, Copper, and Turquoise, mixing at least vintage materials with different textures, because that’s how I see this beautiful place. Stories intertwine, people connect, and share their stories.

I am entirely happy with the photographs, and I can only entrust you to check out Farans work here:


Faran’s Instagram

Noa’s Instagram

Thank you two so much!!


Noa wears (among others):


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