Each piece of Refined Bohemia jewellery is handcrafted, often with rare and/or unique beads and components, all of which require delicate handling. For taking long pleasure in your new jewellery, there is little to be mindful of.

Put on your jewellery after you have finished your makeup. Oils and alcohols contained in makeup, perfumes, and hairspray may stain or shade the jewellery. Likewise take off your jewellery before bathing/showering. The surfactants contained in soaps and shampoos attack the surface of the jewellery and may lead to discolouration. Avoid contact with salt/chlorine water, as well as with cleanser while doing housework. The compounds may lead to discolouration and furthermore structural damages of the jewellery.
Sports and jewellery are never a good alliance. Powerful movements do not only damage the jewellery – it could also harm yourself or your sparring partner.

Please note that many of my pieces are made with wire-wrapping techniques, which should be delicately handled and stored in an appropriate setting.